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Worst perennial to cut down

mxk3 z5b_MI
2 months ago

What is the one perennial you dread cutting down?

For me, it's Siberian Iris. Love them and can't imagine a garden being complete without them but dang I HATE the clean-up of them! Once they yellow they flop terribly, and turn to a mushy mess that is hard to cut, made worse if fallen leaves end up covering them. I've taken to using the hedge shears to slice through the foliage near the crown, but it's still an ordeal because the shears don't get the blades of foliage that is matted down, so I usually have to pull those up from the ground and make another pass (or two or four or five...) to get it all, which I usually can't and have to finish off the job with the hand pruners. In the early spring?!? 10x more of a mushy mess. So I'm quite proud of myself that I made myself cut down every single last one of them today :0)

But all is forgotten come late spring:

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