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How To Patch Dirt Section of Concrete Slab in Basement?

Downing Arts
2 months ago

We have a large damp spot in our basement which upon further examination appears to be largely dirt. The rest of the basement is a concrete slab, except for a crawlspace which is on the other side of the wall from the damp spot. The dirt/damp spot is weird because there appear to be some corner blocks buried and filled and also some places where there is a thin layer of concrete (1/4”). Perhaps a botched repair job in the past?

We are in the process of beginning to mitigate our mild radon issue and this dirt spot will be in the vicinity of the sub slab depressurization system, which is why we need to address the basement floor issue soon.

Does anyone have any ideas or suggestions? I am thinking we might just pour a new section of concrete over the dirt spot, or maybe some kind of vinyl quikcrete patch but I don't know what would bond to the clay/dirt.


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