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Kitchen Comfort Mat - Worth It and Ideal Design?

2 months ago
last modified: 2 months ago

Respectfully, please don’t ignore my question to suggest radical, expensive changes or tell me how we should have done things differently.

I think my wife would appreciate a kitchen comfort mat as one of her xmas gifts and she forgot she asked for it in the past. So i’m looking for feedback on if they really help make a difference and what design would look best in our home/kitchen?

Our home is MCM-ish/modern, prefer natural, minimalist vibes.

Also, i’m thinking i’ll get a long one for in front of the prep/cook area/island/stove and a smaller one in front of the cleanup sink… or just go with one for now?

Photos below include furniture we plan to eventually replace (not in scope for this post), we also lowered our pendant lights and please excuse the mess.

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