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Favorite Lists or Spreadsheets for Building a House? Need All Steps.

Jeff Smith
2 months ago

What are home builders' favorite software for DIY building of a residence? I'm thinking of checklists, like "1. silt fence, 2. porta potty, 3. temporary electrical pole..." and of course a thousand more steps. Probably missed something already in previous sentence, ha ha. A building list like this must be written down somewhere in downloadable Excel spreadsheets or Google Docs?

We're getting ready to build a modest home plus 3 car garage and we'll be mostly contacting the subcontractors directly. Our "general contractor" will only be partially involved and won't oversee each part of the project. So we have to have a master list of the building steps to follow.

I have some building experience, gained by building a cabin, but especially by visiting almost daily a fairly large house we had built @ 4 years ago. Plus I'm sort of a handyman and can understand most processes.

House is already planned by an architect with input from structural engineer.

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