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4" gap behind toilet in bathroom remodel

2 months ago
last modified: 2 months ago

We’re having a contractor remodel our master bathroom. In the original bathroom, the wall behind the vanity and toilet were not even. The vanity was further back than the toilet. As part of the remodeling plan, we had them make the wall straight by moving the wall behind the toilet back about 3-4” to be flush with the other wall. However, it looks like they goofed and did not reposition the toilet drain, so now that they’ve installed the new toilet, it’s sitting almost 4” off the wall. I never measured the distance from the wall to the drain pipe, but it looks to be about 14” from wall to center based on where it looks like the toilet connects to the drain. We did have the plumbing inspection done for the permit and no one said anything, but not sure if they checked it. Is this something I can reasonably ask my contractor to fix, or are they going to tell me tough luck? Is this a code violation (house is in MA) or is there anything I can ask to get them to fix this? It’s going to be a pretty big repair as they’ll have to tear up the floor they just installed to get access to the pipe.

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