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deeelightfully deeelish

glenda smith
2 months ago

My first homemade ever, thanks to neighbor.

Alone for Thanksgiving and lovely neighbor brought me the fixings from her family gathering

I raved over the gingersnaps.

Today she brought me a bagful.

Only times I have had them was sampled at World Market. They put them out in their tin by checkout for sampling.

Friend's will "knock your socks off"

Did I say good? YES for homemade gingersnaps.

Comments (5)

  • morz8 - Washington Coast
    2 months ago

    I'm so glad you liked them, Glenda, and glad you have an attentive and sharing neighbor.

    I like them too. We often kept all things ginger on the boat for guests. Gingersnaps, ginger ale, ginger candies, even ginger capsules from the health food store. Very good for unsettled tummies as well as tasty. Well, I don't imagine the capsules were tasty but fast and often effective ;)

  • maifleur03
    2 months ago

    I have a tin of them in my storage area right now. I eat them during the holidays. I was shocked at the price I paid but even more shocked when I just looked a few moments ago and saw the 'sale price'. However, they are worth the price.

  • HU-929826674
    2 months ago

    Isn't homemade always better? I took some homemade gingersnaps into the feed store and the guys really liked them. They had only had grocery store snaps, and agreed these were better. Of course, with me standing there, what were they going to say?

  • maifleur03
    2 months ago

    These are not your grocery store gingersnaps. Made in Sweden using a mixture of cloves, cinnamon, and ginger. Crispy small cookies that taste like they might have some brown sugar even though the list only states sugar.

  • maifleur03
    2 months ago

    Wanted to add that just because something is home made it does not mean that it is good. Two different people can use the same recipe and ingredients and after cooking no one would think they were the same. Some could be really good with the right texture and flavor but others were the type that quietly go into the trash.