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Caesarstone Stataurio Nuvo countertop issues

2 months ago

Has anyone had real-life experience with these countertops or similar ones from Caesarstone? We chose them for our kitchen remodel and had them installed in early October. They are beautiful and I'm super happy with how they look in general, but they have been marking up horribly!

I'm really regretting this choice because I use my kitchen a lot and chose countertops that were supposed to be durable and can stand up to actual use without being super babied.

The staining hasn't been so bad so far, I've wiped up anything that's spilled right away. But the marking! My god! It's like someone has gone around with a pencil and drawn all over it. The design is such that the veining is pretty sparse, so there's a lot of light space, and they're really noticeable.

They are everywhere, and from seemingly everything - I can understand if they're just from metal pans, etc but they seem to be from pretty much anything. I do use my kitchen plenty but am not reckless - nothing heavy or out of the ordinary that would explain this amount of marking.

When they were installed, there were big shadowy ring marks that the owner of the installation company came out to remove, and got them out with a magic eraser, fine steel wool, and lacquer thinner. I've used a magic eraser to try to get the marks up, but it only lightens them a little bit with a lot of scrubbing, and also makes a noticible lighter spot where I've scrubbed. I don't want to have to work so hard to have nice counters!

Has anyone had experience with this and have any tips? I'm really disappointed. I'll attach some photos. One of them shows a weird shadowy bit that I noticed the other day.

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