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Help me pick a wallpaper for my powder room!

Meredith K
2 months ago

I just painted my kitchen with BM mascarpone and BM van alen green. So, basically, cream and vintage green/mint. I have a small (4x6’) powder room off my kitchen that could use some color.

The powder room floor is tiled pink and the sink and toilet are pink. More like a blush, though.

I’m looking at wallpaper that is green, but also doesn’t look bad with the pink tile floor. The room is small and not used very often. The pocket door is always open and I think some color in there could benefit the kitchen.

I’m including pictures of the powder room and the wallpaper I’m looking at. I don’t have a huge budget for this as I am still finishing my kitchen and spent a lot on that.

Thank you!

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