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Amazon funny business, again....(on free shipping)

vgkg Z-7 Va
2 months ago

My wife placed 3 items in the cart this morning and all the shipping was free. I added 3 more items to the cart and got charged ~$11 for shipping for all 6 items. My added 3 items should have been free shipping too (we're not prime members but always check the delayed shipping box to get it free). No matter how I tweeked the boxes it always charged for some shipping for the total of 6 items. So I then deleted my 3 items from the cart which returned her 3 items to free shipping. I went ahead and placed her order.

Then I went back to Amazon with a clean slate and loaded the cart with my 3 original items and low & behold they came up with free shipping. Maybe my added 3 items to her 3 items complicated the packaging process? I dunno, but beware of funny business.

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