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Curtains for 1917 Home Renovation

My husband and I just moved in to our seven month long 1917 home restoration project (and are still a long way off of being finished!).

I need opinions on what pattern to use on the drapery. The dining room is mostly open to the living room and small sunroom. I’ve painted the living room and sunroom light green, and gone with a dark and quirky wallpaper in the dining room.

I’m struggling with which drapes to use! I want to stick with the dark and moody theme in the dining room. I also want to be true to the homes 1917 heritage without being over the top antique-y and traditional. My style is very eclectic. I just placed a black and white striped rug in the living room to help break up the traditional style I had happening.

Oh, what happened? Unfortunately a previous owner remove the original mission style windows and replace them with these vinyl monstrosities. I totally hate them, but I’m stuck with them for now.

Please help, I’m tired of living in a fishbowl!😂

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