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Choosing Roses for Subtropical/Tropical Zones. Pruning & Care.

I have been planting new types of roses other than the hybrid tea rose bushes sold in my area since 2018. However, everything has been problems with pests of annoying mealybugs (Icerya purchasi), invisible bugs that devour leaves, mold depending on the season or with the roses themselves that either do not produce or produce few roses.

In the forums I have heard that for tropical and subtropical areas teas, noisettes, polyanthas and Chinas are good options. Im from Canary Islands (Zone 11 - Subtropical dry climate here).

This year I plan to replace 4 of my rose bushes that give me problems. These are: Paul Bocusse, Sombreuil (climbing rose), Martine Guillot and Desprez Jaune. The latter, Desprez is a noisette but is plagued by mealybugs and after 4 years has only produced roses this year and very scarce. Two small bouquets. In addition, its appearance is that of a cimber without leaves in its lower part although it is common in climbers but its stems are skinny and weak. I have also had to put his long stems using two other climbers as support because the space I had configured for him has become small.

I have already bought the rose bushes to replace them. I guess they will send them to me this week. These are: Mrs Br Cant, Rosette Delizzy, Clementina Carbonieri and Devoniensis. All are teas. I would like to know how these should be pruned since I have heard in forums that they are not pruned in the same way as tea hybrids.

My other rose bushes: Pierre de Ronsard (only produce roses on February and March and it is 4-5 years old), Duchesse de Grammont (planted last year and producing a large number of roses!), Blush Noisette (planted last year in semi shade only have produced some roses) and Climson Glory (Produces roses regularly and will be about 3 years old). And other hybrid teas buyed in my zone.

I would like to hear information about those who have knowledge of these rose bushes in similar climatic zones.

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