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Paint baseboards to match wall?

Alana Adcock
9 days ago

Repainting a small spare bedroom/office space to a light olive green and replacing the carpet with LVP in a light wood pattern with mostly grey and taupe tones. This room is outfitted with the skinny mid-century style base boards and similar basic window and door trims. Would simply painting all the trim to match the walls improve the look at all? I'm trying not to invest in new trim in this room quite yet, since it's still in good shape. Or should I just stick with white? I feel that the white trim sort of adds a more feminine pop with this wall color, although a more masculine feel is preferred since my husband uses this room the most and he loves the green. That may be more of a decor issue. Most of the rest of the house is trimmed in white. Photo shows the new color going up, and a flooring plank for reference. The patterned strip at the bottom is the wallpaper that was hidden behind the trim that has been popped off, so disregard that odd bit. Celling is white, doors are medium brown wood. Any suggestions are appreciated!

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