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Revelations of a clutterbug

2 months ago

I love to decorate, but I must admit that I am not a tidy person and not especially punctual about putting things away and housecleaning. This week DH and I have been deep cleaning our wall to wall carpet on the entire first floor. As we move the furniture and clutter out of each room to clean it, I just love the peaceful feeling of the wide open spaces! As we reassemble each room, I am editing the accessories and considering removing a few pieces of furniture. I know many of us struggle with clutter, so I just wanted to encourage others to do a purge, even if it's only a small one. It feels great (kind of like losing extra weight, LOL).

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  • bpath
    2 months ago

    This is so true! And you end up sort of ”shopping at home” among the things you moved out, puttkng back the things that work.

    Over time, so many things migrate into rooms and spaces ”just for now” and eventually become part of the scenery.

    The hard part is, the things that don’t get put back, do we get them out of the house? or move them to another room, ”just for now”?

  • ratherbeatthebeach
    Original Author
    2 months ago

    @bpath, indeed, that is the hard part! I usually store the extras in the basement and repurpose them later.  This works great for me as my style doesn't change much over the years and I'm not a big "keep up with the trends" person. Unfortunately, DH is now retired and planning a large model railroad layout in the basement, so I will have to get more ruthless!

  • K L
    last month

    I recently experienced something similar and agree with you 100%! I decorated for Christmas. Our main bedroom has two closets, and we use one to store Christmas decorations for the whole house. I got all the boxes out and unwrapped everything, putting them in their places, cleaning as I went, and wrapping up the non-Christmas items, then packing them in the boxes to go back up to the closet. As I got out the Christmas decorations, I tried to do a little purging of items that were no longer nice or never were really nice but I kept anyway so I could fill the whole house with Christmas. I didn't get rid of much, but I also got rid of a few non-Christmas items. Taking this experience with your advice, I wonder what I could accomplish if I did this more often, making the decor more seasonal in the process. It wouldn't work for all clutter or all rooms, but every bit helps, right?

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