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Short cycling air handler blower (Goodman heat pump)

10 days ago

Hi All!

I'm in a new home for just over 2 years -- 3 months out of warranty -- with a Goodman electric heat pump system (ASPT37C14AC air handler/GSZ160301BE condenser). This past Saturday, I smelled something burning through the heat register and since then, I've had intermittent air handler short cycling of the blower. Not all the time, just sometimes. I pulled the cover off the air handler and noticed some of the insulation (both foil covered and spray) had burned/melted around the copper pipes (from the condenser?) The burned insulation left a small opening around the copper tubing so I covered the outside of the enclosure with foil tape so it won't leak. What should I be looking at for a repair? Thanks in advance.

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