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Flooring options for unlevel floor

2 months ago

First off, our whole house is not squared or leveled correctly. We recently had foundation work done and jacks put in but were told the floors will still be uneven but the foundation is secure. (We are on a crawl soace) We did the floors with LVP in the rest of the house and it worked even though there are some areas that are signfigantly unlevel. With that being said we have ceramic tile in the bathroom and it is badly cracked mostly towrds the tub and dips down in that area. I tried peel and stick but they would not stick down at all. Maybe theres something I can put under it? Ive considered a few options but we are on a really tight budget. I'm afraid ripping the tile up to relevel will be way too costly. is that my only option regardless of what I choose? I even considered epoxy but im afraid the cracks and unlevelness will still show through. Im also afraid peel and stick or roll vinyl isnt durable enough and im afriad if we get ceramic tile again it will end up still cracking.

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