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Should range hood exhaust go horizontal or up then out?

Lisa Leone
2 months ago

I have my gas range on an exterior wall (these exterior walls are 100+ year old and solid brick) and need to decide on a range hood, something the 400-600 max cfm category. A vent will be cut in the brick as there is no useable vent right now.

I can get some range hoods that vent straight back, horizontal exhaust. It seems more standard that hoods vent up, though. the ceiling is 9.5' tall, so i could vent upwards about 3-4' before a 90 degree bend and then go horizontal outside. There is no way to go straight up to the roof, it has to vent to the wall.

so my question is, is one of these exhaust paths preferred? And if I go horizontal, am I locking myself into a non-standard exhaust type that might make it difficult to replace the hood in the future?

Putting out the bat signal for @kaseki I have read so many of your posts but not quite sure about this.

Drawing (not to scale)

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