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Milesi coatings isocyanate

last year


had my kitchen cabients professionally refinished today with Melesi Coatings. blue and white can

A sprayer was used , all windows, doors ledt open rhe entire rime , pros broughr fan in ro use as well . they finished around 3:00. its now 7:30

I was made aware by a user on here bry911, about isocyanates in some products i asked the refinishing company if it was okay for us to stay here and not vacate the house for a few days thet said it was fine to stay here.

ive searched the melesi info about the use of isocanates, and i see mixed responses. some said it doesnt have them, others says it does.

we have a 4 level split and are staying in our lowest level during construction . when would it be safe to go upstairs? we are olanning on sleeping in lower levek tonoght, but is it safe ro sleep in our bedrooms tomorrow night?

im concerned about what inread about isocyanates and even more uneasy because i havent fotten a straight answer if its in the milesi or not . thanks for any insight

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