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Wyoming 2022 growing season rose report

2 months ago

Hi all!

It has been such a delight to plan and put in a garden from scratch again, here are a few of my favorite roses from this year

Bolero completely surpassed expectations. Perfectly shaped shrub, gorgeous fragrance that wafts over the whole garden, and not a speck of disease.

Stars & Stripes is one that I've had on the waitlist for three years and Burlington Roses finally had it in stock, so I got two. One for the porch and one for the garden. It seems like it puts more energy into blooming than growing, so both plants stayed smaller than some of my other new arrivals, but those adorable little blooms clustering over the plant never failed to get a 'wow' from visitors.

Adobe Sunrise was another non-stop bloomer.

William Shakespeare was one that didn't get a chance to bloom before winter last year but it certainly made up for it this year. Even in a less-than-ideal spot it still gave both color and fragrance. I moved it to a better location this fall so hopefully he continues onward and upward.

Princess Charlene de Monaco made it onto my 'must have this rose even if I move' list. She started as a baby band from High Country Roses this spring and made it to 4ft tall, blooming steadily all the while. And what blooms! Big, fluffy, fragrant, long lasting on the bush...mmmmmm!!!!

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