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Load Bearing corner is messing up our kitchen plan

2 months ago

Hi, I have spent HOURS on this forum reading posts about kitchens and appliances. We have reached what I thought was the end of the design portion and we hit a big problem. Currently my wall behind my island has two depths. The second deeper portion starts with an angled pantry. This has allowed for a large space with everything crammed into a smaller area. I don’t have an original drawing but I may have a photo to include. We decided to bring this whole wall back to one depth moving the entrance casing and borrowing from a hall closet. When inquiring about this, the contractor was on the phone with his main person and they deemed the wall non load bearing. Well, when all subs came out to quote us last week, we have realized the corner of the existing pantry is load bearing. Ugggg. This has messed up everything. So far the structural engineer we sent our blueprints to said we cannot move. So, we may have to work around a narrow wall jutting out. I would love to know if anyone has any creative ideas. I will include a photo of the design we wanted to achieve and a photo of the designer’s first thought of a possible fix. I have circled the wall that is where the current corner is. We have moved all cabinets forward a bit so the wall is even with cabinets. It is not ideal, so any creative thought would be welcome. Obviously my contractor is upset his main guy missed this important step, but to be fair he wasn’t in the house and we are going to just forgive and move forward.

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