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A MUST know for anyone who invests in orchids. Are you aware?

Meyermike(Zone 6a Ma.)
2 months ago
last modified: 2 months ago

Are one of those growers that purchase an orchid and just set in an area to watch grow and enjoy right away with out looking it over?

Do you find that after time, it declines?


are you one that pulls the plant from the pot and check the roots immediately?

Up until recently, I had not even thought about, and what a huge mistake that was after all these years.

Do you change the mix to better suit the plant and you, or hold off for long periods of time?

I have discovered that my lack of re potting as soon as I receive a new orchid whether it's from an orchid show, nursery or mail, has cost me dearly.

I did blame the rain water for year for the demise of most of mine, or my own growing practices when it all it could of been avoided by addressing the main reason immediately!

I have discovered that I MUST check the roots and the media once I receive one, or place them in a growing spot or I WILL have issues.

Here is a perfect example from my experience.

I have recently bought a few orchids, many in which I paid 50 bucks or more for, and as always unwrapped them, and just placed them on my growing shelves.

After a week, I decided to take a look at the roots and see what was going on to prevent an issues and I discovered A LOT!!

Now I think I can understand why I've have problems with most of them and I blamed everything but the real culprit!

If I had done something as simple as the first step , checking the roots and taking care of them as soon as I get a new plant , I think I would of saved most of my past orchids..

It is hoped that many read this and learn in advance from all the helpful ones here, and what I have learned, to prevent what I have had to deal with all these years.


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