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Canning cranberry salsa

l pinkmountain
2 months ago

I saw a video on my fb feed for a cranberry salsa that sounded delicious. But no one in my small social circle but me is likely to eat it, so I was thinking I might like to try to make canned cranberry salsa. It might be fun to have on hand if I ever ever entertain again . . .

Anyway, only found one recipe that appeared to be "safe" from the National Center for Food Preservation. Sounds OK but a bit blah compared to some of the others. And awfully onion-y.

Wondering about subbing just a bit of balsamic vinegar, and dialing down the onions just a bit and adding some dried spices like corriander, ginger, garlic and cumin. Does not seem like it would throw the balance of acid off since I would dial down the non-acid onions just a little bit. Plus I would use dried spices. I know you can add some, can't remember what the rules are . . .

Anyone have a T&T recipe for canning or have made this recipe of cranberry salsa and could give me some tips? I have only canned cranberries one other time, some "Christmas jam" which had a mix of cranberry and strawberry. I did not like that at all. My usual way with preserving cranberries is to freeze and use in baked goods. If I get a hankering for the relish, it is dead easy to buy canned and can be dolled up. But this salsa sounds intriguing, particularly as an offering on a cheese board . . .

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