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Mudroom cubbies

Leah Hirshberg
2 months ago

We are adding some cubbies and a bench to our mudroom. I am debating whether I want to divide the lower and/or upper cubbies in half with a shelf, like in the attached images, or keep them open (so just 3 cubbies for each rather than 6). I find either fine aesthetically, but I want to do whatever will be most functional for storage.

The lower cubbies will be for shoes and upper for storage of hats/gloves/glasses etc inside of bins.

The dimensions of the cubbies in the photo, with the divider, are 16" wide x 12" tall for the uppers and 16" wide x 8" tall for the lowers.

Would love to hear what others' have done and would recommend.

Thank you for your input!

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