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Flooring dilemma - LVP

Jhanani Ravi
2 months ago
last modified: 2 months ago

Any thoughts on the below flooring dilemma


live in a multi-storeyed townhouse in Bay Area. I currently have laminate flooring in my 1st floor (that is living room + kitchen and a half bath). So I need to have the same flooring throughtout. Recently I had some water issue near my kitchen and the laminate flooring starting to warp and lift up. Hence I am planning to refloor the entire area.

But this tim I thought LVP would be better option as they are waterproof (given that I have kitchen and half bath). Within that - I was thinking of Coretec Manila Oak / Calypso oak vs Gaia - Red Series (Sole, Riva) (Mainly LVP with minimum 8mm thickness looking for beige family of colors ) . However I have been reading reviews about Coretec that they seem to lift up and hurt your feet (Please correct me if I am wrong)

Is my thinking of LVP installation a sound option ? Between Coretec and Gaia - which is a better option ?

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