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Gas furnace stops frequently - no obvious fix

13 days ago

So far two HVAC service visits haven’t been able to diagnose the problem……. I have a Burnham gas furnace (about 12 years old) that frequently stops running. When it stops working, any of the three indoor thermostats will not restart it. I also bought a new thermostat but that didn’t help. I have been able to get it running again by doing a restart (turn off gas, turn off power, wait 5 minutes, turn on gas, turn on power). There doesn’t seem to be a flame sensor in the furnace. Air intake is fine. There is no continuous pilot light (electronic start). One time when I got home from work I turned up the heat from 60 to 68. The furnace did not start, but instead of doing a restart I tried turning the temperature way up on the thermostat. That time the furnace started. I have since tried the same technique but it didn’t work. I REALLY hope someone out there knows what’s going on!

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