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Glass covered shower wall

last year

I've been reading about glass-covered backsplashes in kitchens. It sounded like an option to explore for beauty as well as function. I read of some people painting murals or putting up wallpaper and then covering it with clear glass to protect the art behind. And some use colored or frosted or etched glass. And the glass could be tempered for strength and heat stress.
I also was reading about making small bathrooms feel larger by continuing the floor tile from the shower out into the remaining room and, with frameless glass showers, matching the wall tile to the adjoining wall color, and even continuing the shower wall tile into the rest of the small room.
Then I wondered if it would be possible to wallpaper or paint an entire bathroom, and overlay it with floor to ceiling glass in the shower area for a smooth water-proof surface. I wondered what features would be needed. Tempered glass for strength? How thick would the glass have to be? A tile baseboard? How would you seal the joints in the corners, around fixtures, between the glass interior walls and the baseboards?
I'd like to hear if anyone has done this. I'd like to hear constructive criticism from people who install showers. I'd like to hear from people who work with glass.

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