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Mirroring GARDENS ILLUSTRATED i.e. 8 Key/Fave perennials

Its coming up to a year having the subscription to the English periodical GARDENS ILLUSTRATED. I have enjoyed it lots.

A theme for several of the articles each month is the page titled 8 Favouite Plants or 8 Key Plants.

I know this is an oft mentioned topic but to me its always a goodie.

I'll start:

  • Thalictrum Splendide (& Splendide White)
  • Tie Dye Clematis
  • Spigelia Marilandica
  • Blue River II Hibiscus
  • Shockwave Phlox
  • Bobo Hydrangea
  • Julia Childs rose
  • Allium Millenium

(Don't worry if you cant list 8 right away...feel free to add to your initial list later)

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