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Question about combining our 2 meters

catherinet (5IN)
2 months ago

We have a meter at the house and then a meter at the barn that feeds the chicken coop also. We had our power line (long line from the country road), buried a number of years ago. So we have our own transformer box. The house power comes from the transformer box to the house meter, and the barn/chicken coop power comes in a different direction from the transformer box. We pay close to $50/month for the barn and chicken coop electricity, even though we no longer use the chicken coop and use the barn very little. I called the REMC and asked what I would to do to have these 2 accounts put on one meter. She said I'd need an electrician to come and give a quote, but they'd need to have a new line run from the barn to the house meter. I thought it would be much easier than this. All this is a little hard for me to understand. set me straight........Is it irrelevant that the barn is connected to the transformer box now, in terms of having it connected to the house meter? I was thinking we could just connect it differently in the transformer box, but I guess I'm thinking of the current going in the wrong direction. ?? Please forgive my ignorance. Of all the things I've loved and lost, I miss my brain the most! :) Thanks for helping me understand this!

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