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Rain head from high ceiling

Ok. so this place has been great! We are looking at doing a remodel on a bathroom on a house we just bought. We are going to have a smaller two person shower with three shower heads.....his, hers and ours. The OURS is going to be a rain head. (Please don't tell me the reasons you don't like one. We have tried them, we love them, they are for washing.....its for relaxing)

Here is our problem. The ceilings in the bathroom are 10'. We DO NOT want a long bar coming out of the wall. Looks too cluttered. We want it to come from the ceiling. The issue is the extension. I am afraid that if it comes down that far there will be too much movement in the shower head and won't look good as well. The other option we were thinking about was to soffit above the shower to a height of about 8'. I have included a picture of how it is now (before the remodel).

Any advice is welcomed on this.

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