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Ceiling mounted sliding shower doors?

2 months ago
last modified: 2 months ago

Does anyone make hardware to suspend sliding glass shower doors from the ceiling? Also, both glass panels need to be able to slide, can't have one fixed and one sliding. I've only found a product on Amazon with terrible reviews and it is for a glass wall not specifically a shower, and a pic on Houzz but no product info.

Below is a pic of my bathroom. I'd like to remove tub, replace with walk in shower, right return build tile wall (not glass wall) to mount vertical grab bar at shower entry.

Left side has window, so no place to mount traditional sliding track on left wall, thought to suspend it from the ceiling if possible. Left sliding door needs to slide as well, instead of being fixed, to allow for window maintenance.

My prewar coop bathroom

Amazon Product

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"Oak land" house · More Info

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