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Question on coco chips

Bill M.
last year

I am thinking of changing my substrate over to coco chips. Don't ask why, but I'll tell you anyway - I'm bored. I'm thinking it might be some good therapy to repot some of my hoyas, and a few orchids as well, over to coco chips. Amazon has coco chips, charcoal and large pearlite (a threefer package) for $54. I think I may get it then slowly over the winter do some repotting.

Right now my plants reside in orchid bark with some cactus soil and the fine pearlite sold in the big box stores. The selection on amazon looks to be a lot better.

The question is - have any of you gone with coco chips? If so, which do you recommend, if any. What has your results been?

Thoughts? Suggestions? Thanks....

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