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Help with Master floor plan, seeking advice

17 days ago

Hi everyone

I need some help on our new master bedroom design. I’ve tried to play around with the design for too many weeks. I can’t seem to get past this iteration of my design.

This is on the second floor of the North-East corner of the building.

After living with the current layout of the master bathroom and closet, we feel like it could be improved.

The entrance to the closet and bathroom is interesting and seems like a waste of area.

There is a huge specimen of a Ponderosa Pine at the corner of the building but there is no window to view it.

Our current bathroom doesn’t have a bathtub so we’d like to add one.

My DH thinks the water closet (toilet room) is a feature! So keeping that for now.

What would be the downsides that you see in this layout?

Does anyone have bathtub inside a walk-in shower? How do you like it?

My DH has concerns about the distance water splashes outward from a shower.

So, perhaps a solution is to add a shower curtain or glass door in-between the walk-in shower and the bathtub?

Though, I think it would be a cleaner design, both visually and functionally, if there was no barrier like a curtain or glass door.

This is my first attempt at interior design in my house so any suggestions or shared experiences would be so welcome and helpful!

Old Layout

New Plan Idea

New Layout with Tree Perspective


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