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Soil Blocks & Germinating Sugar Maple Tree Seeds

2 months ago


I recently purchased a couple of soil block tools. I was wondering if anybody here (who has experience using soil blocks) can provide me with a little bit of help on which size soil block to use.

The smaller sized soil block makes 3/4" cubes. The larger sized soil block makes 2" soil cubes.

My Sugar Maple Tree seeds are currently in the fridge. Ordered 10 seeds; received 24. I scarified half of the seeds & the other half I did not. I then placed each group in their own respective Ziploc style resealable bags with moistened seed starting mix & a moistened paper towel, and placed them in the fridge. Now they're being cold-stratified.

Just wondering if I could've used the soil blocks to germinate my seeds in the fridge as opposed to the method I used above with the Ziploc style resealable bags, and if so....which size soil block would you recommend for maple tree seeds?

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