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Having Trouble w/ Freestanding Tub Layout

2 months ago

Hello! We are doing a master bath renovation and I'm trying to figure out the best sizing and placement of our freestanding tub. Initially, we were planning to go with an undermount configuration similar to what is currently there but we were convinced to try a freestanding tub by a designer. My current dilemma is figuring out how much space I should have on each side of the tub and between the wall and tub filler.

Initially I was planning on sandwiching a floor mounted tub filler between the wall and the tub but I'm not sure this is "allowed" and if it'd even be installable or practical (In the "blue" configuration I have 6" of space between the wall and the tub. Exact location from outside wall could be adjusted outward to make more room for floor mounted filler). Alternatively, I could do a wall mount filler but that would be an exterior wall and in Michigan I'm not sure that'd be a great idea. Additionally, I tried turning the tub at 45 degrees which gives me lots of room behind the tub for a floor mounted filler but maybe isn't the best use of space? Any advice you can lend would be appreciated.

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