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Refresh the classic bathroom? What would you do?

W Chuang
last year
last modified: last year

Dear all, thanks for reading this.

My family owns an high-end rental property in San Francisco which has an old-fashioned bathroom (see attached photo). We are considering to fresh up the look (and function) of this bathroom to keep this property competitive on the rental market.

Personally, I like the elegant and timeless look of this bathroom (the green color might be a bit strong but it can grow on you), but wife think it's a too old and the toilet (pre-1980) probably is not water-saving.

Couple of questions:

1. Given the context, how would you tackle this bathroom "refresh" project? Since it's a rental, we are not considering to completely remodel it. We just want to fresh it up a bit so that it looks (and functions) better.

2. Color-wise, what would you do differently for those three pieces (bathtub, sink, and toilet)? Since they are all porcelain/ceramic, I assume we should be able to paint it with different color, right? If so, what color would you pick differently?

3. IF we are to replace that console sink, what kind of vanity/sink would fit in really well for that classic/elegant look?

Thanks again for your help!

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