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What should I do with this pothos root?

Jessica Kessler
2 months ago

I bought this pothos just under a month ago. Reading up on them, I found that soaking thoroughly every couple weeks/when the soil is dry to be the most recommended way to water them. In taking this out of the clay pot, I found a root (?) that had grown out of the bottom of the plastic pot, up the side, and had entangled itself into the stems of the plant up top. I’m wondering if I should leave this root alone, repot it, or snip it..? I don’t have the best track record with plants so I wanted to ask before making a huge mistake!

Also, I have had to snip a few discolored leaves (yellowing that turned into brown spots) and wondered if it was okay to try to propogate these and save them or if it would be best to toss them. Any suggestions?

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