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Robin Red Holly not producing berries

I live in New Jersey, Zone 6b. Last fall (Oct 2021) I planted a row of eight Holly trees about 5-6 feet in height. These were the Robin Red variety. They are supposed to be more deer resistant than Nellie Stevens and also have a darker green color. This spring I saw some winter burn - but all Hollie trees did well and even showed about a foot of growth. But the surprise is that there are no red berries. Now the Red Robin cultivar is supposed to be a female only cultivar which doesn’t require a male Holly close by in order to produce berries. So I have read. I have an older large 20 foot tall Nellie Stevens near by which is laden with red berries. But none of the new Hollies have any berries. What do you suppose is going on.. Even when I picked them up last fall, none of the trees had any berries on them. I should have noticed it back then itself…

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