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Autumn/Thanksgiving: Decor, Food, Events, Plans, Problems, Stories.

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I have been waiting (and waiting) for a discussion to pop up on this this time of the year. I love it, going a bit overboard with holiday feelings. These last three+ months of the year are sheer joy for me.

Do you love it like I do? Are you more than ready for it after the last two seasons were badly affected by Covid? Are you still taking precautions? Have you decorated? Show us with plenty of pictures! Are you planning your Thanksgiving menu, or if you are in Canada, what did you do for Thanksgiving? Will you share it with us? What is traditional with you?

Do you buy pumpkins or put out faux ones? Do you decorate the outside? The inside? Do you add seasonal fall decor to your usual look or do you exchange items so as not to overwhelm your space? Do you have pets who like to mess with these "new" objects? What do you use and where do you use it? Does your whole house get decorated or do you put out only minimal decorations in a single room? What kinds of things do you like? What do you stay away from?

What is your family or friends gathering like, or what was it like? Are there issues or problems you will or did grapple with? Were there any kitchen disasters? Are rising prices making you re-think what you will serve? Will it be a small gathering or are you part of a large one? If it's at your house, do you clean madly or just shrug and say "if it's clean enough for me, it's clean enough for my guests?" Do any guests stay overnight? Any funny or frustrating stories there? Any questions or issues we can help you with?

Is it an exhausting holiday for you? Do you participate in the mad shopping sales that weekend? Or do you wait a day or more to change over from autumn decor to holiday (winter or Christmas) decor? How do you put autumn/Thanksgiving decor away? Do you pack it all away in labeled boxes or kind of toss it into bags or old boxes and in the garage or the attic?

Please . . . tell us all! We are ready, we're asking, and we really want to know. Shower us with pictures, stories, annoyances, menus, recipes.

Now, for me, I live alone (with three cats) but I am so crazy about this time of the year. It takes an enormous amount of effort to make myself wait until October 1 to bring out the autumn decorations. I do not like Halloween so I don't have anything for that. I love pumpkins so I have about 15 faux ones (glass, ceramic, mercury glass, copper, resin, fabric, velvet, paper and more) from large ones that work on the floor to fingernail-sized wool ones. I often add real ones in white, pink, and green, especially if they are "flawed" with bumps and such. The top of my living room open bookcase/display case mostly empty on top, gets covered in a faux autumn leaf garlands and pumpkins. So does the top of the smaller bookcases in the alcove reading/meditation area of the den. I also have a couple of vintage Thanksgiving postcards that are framed and set among the pumpkins. A couple of pumpkins are in the bedroom on the dresser. And inside my oversized vintage hand-painted Italian coffee table, in the bottom level, the drawer, is the dried wheat that I could barely keep away from the cats while deciding where to put it.

As I have gotten older my menu has gotten easier. No more of the massive meal especially as the guest list has shrunk. This year, I bought the turkey breast from Trader Joe's that is cooked and just needs heating. I made my tart cranberry sauce, will make gravy and stuffing and will buy some nice green beans, buy a couple of TJ's pre-made salads to throw into a bowl and add a homemade dressing plus, of course, a pumpkin pie.

I do not shop but I take down the autumn/Thanksgiving decorations and lovingly put them away and store them neatly in the shed. In addition, since Friday still "belongs" to Thanksgiving for me I spend time quietly that day: a walk, meditation, playing with the cats, maybe browse a few home websites. It's the end of the first part of my favorite three month seasonal joy so I savor what I had and a bit of what's to come.

Tell me ALL about yours!

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