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Creative ideas to carve out space for laundry in existing kitchen?

2 months ago
last modified: 2 months ago

I am trying to figure out a plan to add laundry and pet space to our existing kitchen. Here's the current layout, with the area in question circled in red:

We currently use this space as a breakfast area/storage space, but recently built a deck off of the kitchen and will move the breakfast space outdoors. (We are in a mild climate area where it is possible to eat outside most of the year, and there is a dining room where we eat most meals on the other side of the kitchen.) Not shown in the plan is a 25" x 42" freestanding work table, centered in the space between sink/stove/refrigerator.

Goals for this space:

- Washer/dryer, either stacked or counter-depth side-by-side. (Laundry is currently in a detached garage and would like to move it into the house.) Want to keep water hookups accessible whereever we place the washer.

- Pet supplies: we are getting ready to get a new dog. We had a dog for many years and kept food/crate/supplies in the kitchen, but have since repurposed that space for actual pantry items so now need to create new space. Some of these items could maybe be stored in a cabinet placed outside, but we can't keep any food or bowls outdoors (and of course crate needs to be indoors!)

- If we can keep an eating area indoors here, that's perfect, but not necessary. Right now I sometimes pull a stool up to the work table and sit there, and that works fine--we could potentially build a longer work table to create a more formal place for eating too.

- The windows are low--33" off the ground--but we are fine with either modifying or blocking (perhaps to later modify) them. The cooler cabinet is 24" deep and runs to the ceiling.

The two main scenarios I'm looking at right now are centering the washer/dryer side by side under the side window with 15" cabinets on either side, or stacking them against the cooler cabinet with a 54" cabinet run to the wall. In either case, we'd leave the area under the other window empty, for dog bowl and/or crate.

We could theoretically look at the space right next to the refrigerator as well--this is currently built out as a mudroom area with coat hooks--but aren't loving the idea of the laundry being right in a main path of travel through the house, and it is challenging to move the coat hooks anywhere else because of the many windows. We also leave the door of our current front-loading washer open often to air it out, and would find it challenging to do on this side of the room. It is 39"w x 25"d on the fridge side, 21"d on the broom closet side (not 18" as shown here).

Are there better solutions or other creative ideas for this space to get laundry into it?

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