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Neglected Cactus Finally Taken Care Of

2 months ago

Hey guys, stopped posting here many years ago. I sold all my cacti, succ and aloes because I could not move them every spring and fall inside/out. Too many pots, too big aloes (I couldnt fit my aloe through doors it was soo big) but I kept only one cactus for myself. This cactus is my baby. Around 2014 or 15 I bought this guy as a little pup. Ive been growing him since. Last few years though I stopped looking at him. His soil was bad and I knew it, but didnt do anything about it. 80% cac soil + Flourite. Flourite is an aquatic soil/gravel that absorbs nutrients when its in water and retains water too. So the soil was kinda moist. The biggest issue was that soil was dropping at out the holes at the bottom since I never paced news paper underneath. Because of this and being top heavy, my cactus was leaning. I dont think it will ever straigten up, thats my biggest regret. I wish it was straight.

Today, I finally changed its soil to 50% cac + 50% perlite. It is straight but I dont know how to support it. I put sticks in the pot but they bend over because the guy is soo heavy. Any ideas?

They dont sell slow release ferts that I used to get anymore so I just used flowering ferts I had this year. Oh buy, this guy flowered like, 4 times this summer.


Changing the soil. Glove for scale, its a thick glove.


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