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Can anyone help me make our couch look decent again?

2 months ago

The couch is from Joybird, and the fabric is their Vibe Sunkist. It's 50% polyester and 50% acrylic, with the "S" cleaning code. Neither my boyfriend or I know where the first stain came from, and I've tried both water (stupidly, before I saw the cleaning code), and then this: with no success in lightening it at all. The second stain is a water ring, and I haven't tried anything on it other than soaking up the water as well as I could when I spilled it. Does anyone have any ideas? Preferably something that doesn't involve us renting an upholstery cleaner

My boyfriend wants to take the cushion covers to the dry cleaners, is this safe to do? I guess I'd just like reassurance that they can't damage it any further lol. Thanks in advance to anyone who answers!

Stain 1 wider view

Stain 1 close up

Stain 2 wider view

Stain 2 close up

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