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How did I lose a quilt?

2 months ago

Before I leave for the south to escape Minnesota winters, I precut several quilts to take along and piece in Palm Desert. I worked on one last year but never finished it, so I brought it back home along with other piecing I had done. I didn’t work on it this summer, and when I went to pack it up to take along this winter, I couldn’t find it anywhere. My sewing room/office is small, only 9x11, and very organized. Everything I quilt with is kept in that room, so that’s the only place to look for it. How did I lose a stack of forty 10” squares and the pattern? I checked with the folks we rent from every year in California, and I didn’t leave it there. I can’t imagine what happened to that fabric. Did this ever happen to you? Did you ever find what was lost?

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