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Copper cookware restoration

2 months ago
last modified: 2 months ago

I’m thinking of buying some copper cookware (pots and pans) from someone I know, but there had been a fire. It’s real, not ”copper coated”. The cookware appears intact, but they look dull, no shine, barely any copper color at all. I don’t know if they tried to polish them again. The lids, which were being kept somewhere else (perhaps a cupboard away from the fire) afe beautiful, that classic rich copper glow.

Do you think it is still as good as ”polished to a shine” cookware? Would it still have all the desirable qualities? I’ve never cooked with copper, but DH loves to cook and I know he’d love to have it. It’s usually so expensive at our local retail and resale sources. I don’t know what the owner will be asking for this. I hope I can polish it, but if it is just as good unpolished, I may leave it.

So, should I go for it?

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