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Hosta Comparison updated

Just a quick heads-up that I just finished updating the full-comparison list with the latest updates to the Hosta Library, as provided to me by Carol and Bill.

The narrow search lists are still very much a work in progress, into the middle of the 'G's' at the moment.

One of the things that have come to light is that the routine does NOT work on Apple iPad or iPhone and probably not on a Mac either, but no-one has confirmed that for me. The origins of the underlying routine were developed 20 years ago or so and it relies on the use of Javascript, which is something Apple has abandoned over security concerns. I have no particular appetite to explore porting the routine into a different programming format at the moment. It is what it is....developed primarily for Windows PC. I suspect it will also work under Chrome OS and Android, yet have been unable to confirm that.


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