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Help with Purple Orchid Tree in Phoenix Autumn

Kimi Kujawa
last year
last modified: last year

So my neighbor has a gorgeous Orchid Tree in his backyard, which just so happens to be a straight up jungle (his backyard that is). When I first moved in I thought the house was abandoned, because there's literally a tree growing through his back patio roof! Come to find out, people live there but they have in fact completely abandoned their backyard. I'm pretty certain too that they never even step foot out there because in 4 years I've not seen nor heard them even once. Therefore, the fact that the tree not only survives our desert summers, but actually thrives, is really beyond belief!! Year after year as it produces bountiful long pods and thousands of beautiful flowers, with literally no care not even waterings, it continuously amazes me!! Well then this year, a seed must have landed in my spider plant pot, and so now I have a 2 - 3 foot sapling sprawling right out of the center of my spidey's pot. Super stoked about it, however, neither seems to be doing too great now. Obviously I need to transplant it, but we're having an abnormally cold season this year, and being a novice desert gardener, I'm not sure this is the right time to transplant it anyways. Would it be better to remove my Spider plants from the pot instead?Also, I want to mention that it looked like it may have had some mites on the leaves (which after doing more reading on the plant there's a 50/50 chance I may have been wrong about the mites), so I sprayed them with neem oil and it caused the crunchy brown spots, which I can hopefully show you once I figure out how to add photos. Is this normal with Neem? I believe that is everything, but if I think of anything helpful to add I will do so in the comments, but I'm basically just looking for some solid care advice for the Orchid Tree, along with any expert(ish) opinion on transplanting, needs, and possible pests to look out for? I will sincerely appreciate any and all advice I can get. I can't wait to grow my own to enjoy!! I hear that aside from their astounding beauty, they have many medicinal uses too! Thanks so much everyone! Happy Fall !!

  • My Bauhinia purpurea

  • My Bauhinia purpurea

  • Neighbor's "Jungle"
    ~ Bauhinia Purpurea (center)

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