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Frigidaire Professional range - lemon?

I don't think I need a question mark to answer that....

Anyway - Frigidaire Professional range, PCFG3078AFB, purchased new. It had to sit in the garage while the kitchen was remodeled, but stayed in the original shipping carton, and looked undamaged on delivery, as well as when the box was opened for installation.

Range and broiler work fine, but the first time we tried to use the oven for baking, we heard a loud POP! then had some smoke. Shut everything off, and called Frigidaire for service.

3 weeks later, an A&E tech comes out, spends a couple hours, and says that several parts had gone bad, and would need to be replaced. He ordered:

Oven Igniter: #316489403 / 5304506545

Control board assembly #5304526197

PC Board / Display #5304518023
Wiring Harness #5304505563

Once the parts arrived, two more A&E techs came (6 weeks later), and spent a couple hours swapping all the change in operation. Broiler / Range work fine. Baking ignitor will not come on, despite that and other parts being replaced.

Lead tech said that the next step was to order:

Gas Operating Valve #5303210798

Next service date is scheduled for 11/19. (at this point, I've been without a working oven for 2+ months. ) I'm doubtful this fix will work... because if the gas operating valve were not functioning, the broiler and range wouldn't work, right? Gas valves are kind of binary things - they either work, or they don't.

Dealer was an online retailer, so they've shown zero interest in resolving the issue, pushing things off on Frigidaire and A&E, but I'll be trying them least to let them know I'm not happy with the purchase.

For those familiar with this oven....does it make sense at all that the gas control valve would be defective for baking, yet the broiler/range top still work OK?

For anyone familiar with Frigidaire / Electrolux warranties....any advice?

Guess we'll be doing Bob Evans for Thanksgiving....

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