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Help! Seamless floor transitions from tile to wood

10 months ago
last modified: 10 months ago

Hi, I've read and see a lot of photo's online regarding seamless floor transitions from tile to wood. My main entrance (10 sq m/ 100 sq ft.) is open connected to the living/dining room (45 sq m/ 484 sq ft) . I will have tiles in the main entrance and hardwood in the living/dining room. I want a seamless transition from the tile to wood. I don't want these transition strips, but just grout or something thin and fine between the tile and wood which would look nice.

I know the tile and wood floors need to be the same height and since we have had a chance to start from the ground up, we can almost do what we want at this point to make sure it's level. What I'm most concerned about is that the living/dining room is a large area, and with the fact that the wood floor needs movement, will it make the seamless floor transition look bad in any way. i.e. Maybe we need to regrout ever few years...

I'm attaching a Photoshop picture I made to kind of show what I want to accomplish. The first picture shows just the two connecting walls between the two rooms. It's a large opening.

Will it be fine to do as I want and just connect the two in a seamless way considering the living/dining room is such a big area? I have a contractor who is saying it's not going to look good.

Any suggestions or input would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance!