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rechargeable battery series question

last year

I have a SAD light that is used for seasonal depression, that I bought ten or fifteen years ago. I haven’t used it but my daughter wanted to try it, so I found it and it works, but it won’t hold a charge.

I opened it up and found the series of rechargeable batteries. They are 2/3AA size and there are seven in series, each one is 1.2 V and 750 mAH. All have a good charge except for one, which has no charge.

I was going to replace just that one, but I don’t know whether it is NiCd or some other type.

I took off the plastic wrap that held all 7 of them together, but there is no information at all on the individual batteries.

The label on the plastic wrapping said:



8.4V 8G07

If I knew what type of batteries they are, I could buy one to replace the bad cell.

Otherwise I would have to buy 7 of them and wire then in series, or find them pre-wired, but it would cost a lot more.

But maybe newer batteries would be a better idea overall anyway?

I would be grateful for any advice on how to proceed. Thanks very much.

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