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Experience with Twelve Oaks, Torlys or Cascade Vinyl LVP, anyone?

10 months ago

Hi everyone,

I am in the process of getting my basement developed and I am considering LVP for the flooring there. Since I am in Canada, I am getting recommendations on these brands for their LVP:

1. Twelve Oaks

2. Torlys

3. Cascade Vinyl

I am wondering if anyone has any experience with these at all? While the specifications for the Twelve Oaks LVP look good (esp for their Surewood Plus collection and Solidcore Ultra5G collection) I would love to hear about the longer term experience from someone here please.

Then the contractor also recommended Cascade Vinyl but I could barely find much information about it online.... so any comments from anyone would be much appreciated!

As for Torlys, I know that they do a great job with their hardwood floor, but how about their LVP?

Thank you in advance!

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