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Edited to say: Ha ha ha! I see I started the color posts a week earlier than the schedule. So sorry! I do have some memory problems now. I've revised the schedule and will pick up purple on Mon., Nov. 14. I've also added Bicolor and Bitones to the end of the schedule.

I said I was cutting the eyed category, but I decided to include a category called "Amazing Eye Zones." That one will be the catch-all for patterned eyes, eye and edges, and watermarks or washed eyes. New posts will run on Monday, Wednesday and Friday of each week, except Thanksgiving week when I will do a Monday posting only. There will not be separate categories for forms, so don't forget to include your UFs/Spiders, Miniatures and Doubles with the colors! There is no limit on the number of photos you can post.

Mon., Nov. 7 - Pink

Wed., Nov. 9 - Lavender

Mon., Nov. 14 - Purple

Wed, Nov. 16 - Red

Fri., Nov. 18 - Orange - This category will just be for true oranges this year. We'll do peach and melon daylilies in the next category. (There were a few complaints about combining them in past years.)

Let's take the week of Thanksgiving off

Wed., Nov. 30 - Peach, Melon, Apricot or Coral

Fri., Dec. 1 - Near White

Mon., Dec. 5 - Yellow

Wed., Dec. 7 - Unusual Colors - In this category you can show colors that defy definition, color changers, polychromes and edge-no-eye daylilies. You can also include colors for which I did not post a category like brown, bronze or blue.

Fri. Dec. 9 - Amazing Eye Zones - This is the category that encompasses all eyed daylilies, patterned eyes, watermarks and washed eyes.

Mon., Dec. 12 - Bicolors and bitones

I look forward to seeing your daylily photos again!


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