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bergenias?. And other shady possibilities which are not hostas

3 months ago
last modified: 3 months ago

They are horribly overused and generally badly grown (especially by me). I have got bergenia emeiensis on my (latest) seed list* although I would have been a bit snooty about growing b.cordifolia, however beloved they are with garden designers of note. I have only seen it at my local botanics where I loved it but chalked it down as one of those daintily obscure plants which I would undoubtably kill...but I see that seed is available from Jellito so on the list it goes.

I am seriously attempting to make my allotment a bit more of a garden and know I need reliable foliage as much as my usual colourful frothing. Slugs though, are just epic - so I avoid huge leaves which look grim once munched, so this will be a painful learning curve.

*The drawing up of endless seed lists...and the hours of poring over plant details is basically my indoor entertainment for the next couple of months. Many lists are written but I do feel it is all leading to some moment of synthesis (ahem).

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